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15 Days

Gobi & Khuvsgul Lake Tour 2020

15 days/14 nights One of our best selling tours "Gobi Dessert and Khuvsgul Lake" is attracted by many of our Singaporean groups and some western clients. In all our 15…

Horse Archery Mongolia


This tour allows you to experience whole new activity in Mongolia. Horse riding, archery shooting practices, mounted archery shooting



On this trip you will be visiting to the most recommended places Lake Khuvsgul and Terkhiin Tsagaan, Hot Spa, legendary ancient capital of Mongols


Showing our clients staggering scenery and interesting nomadic culture and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them.

15 Days


Having saddled up onto our Mongolian steeds, we will ride off into the mountains and lush green meadows, passing through nomadic Mongol family.

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Our collection of the most popular adventures in 2019.

    Naadam Festival Mongolia | Cultural Tour | Nomadic Trails

    Cultural Tours

    Spectacular scenery and memorable sights, plus the chance to discover Mongolian nomadic culture first-hand, by visiting Naadam Festival. This colorful festival allows you to experience real culture of Mongolia. The Naadam Festival created by military purpose in old days. Ancient…

    from $1,200.00
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    GOLDEN EAGLE FESTIVAL 2020 | Main Festival

    Cultural Tours, Tours

    6 days/5 nights Save up to 475 USD Book before 1 May for 1505 USD The annual Golden Eagle Festival takes place before the winter hunting season against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Altai Mountains. We will discover a…

    from $1,980.00$1,505.00
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    We have been committed to it since our very beginnings and have also established the Nomadic Trails Foundation to support community projects in destinations we visit.

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    Community Support

    As a part of our ongoing commitment to the work of Mongolia and vulnerable communities we visit, Nomadic Trails is supporting Reindeer Tribe in North Mongolia.

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    Veteran Agency

    As an well established adventure tour operator, Nomadic Trails is one of ``A`` licensed tour companies, which has been operating more than 15 years in Mongolia.

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    After a more than decade in business and travelling in our destinations, we have developed a deep knowledge and formed relationships with the most impressive experts in their fields.

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    Everything is tailored to your exact needs and tastes, and we will keep tweaking and adapting until it feels just right.