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Over 15+ Years of Extraordinary Travel Experiences by Nomadic Trails!

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Responsible Travel

We have been committed to it since our very beginnings and have also established the Nomadic Trails Foundation to support community projects in destinations we visit.

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Community Support

As a part of our ongoing commitment to the work of Mongolia and vulnerable communities we visit, Nomadic Trails is supporting Reindeer Tribe in North Mongolia.

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Veteran Agency

As an well established adventure tour operator, Nomadic Trails is one of ``A`` licensed tour companies, which has been operating more than 15 years in Mongolia.

About Us

We are proud to be a small and personal tour agency.

We Were Founded in 2004

Nomadic Trails is adventure travel company, founded in 2004, started with a simple premise, bringing small groups to an amazing locations. Showing our clients staggering scenery and interesting nomadic culture and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them.

Personalized To You

And it is this ethos that has seen our company grow and our clients return to us again.
We are still proud to be a small and personal company. With the passion we have for what we do, we are very happy – and in fact feel privileged – to be able to provide extraordinary travel experiences.

People Power

Our Guides are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing support for all!

To us Responsible Travel coincides with Responsible Business, designing adventures with the local people, culture and eco-system in mind. We are very aware of the economic, ecological and ethical impact tourism can have on ancient cultures and fragile environments.

We realise that taking clients through these regions can have a detrimental impact if not handled responsibly and as such, on all of our tours we go to great lengths to minimise the negative and accentuate the positive – after all, there are also many good things that the traveller can bring! It will also benefit the people whose lands we are privileged to visit.

We guarantee that when designing our tours, we utilize our own experiences to break down barriers, and provide ethical business for those lesser known areas with so much to offer.

We pride ourselves on challenging perceptions and raising awareness through low impact experiences and ethical business - not just through charity work.

Create Your Own Trails!


Our unique, original itineraries – whether they are for small group travel or individually created for our tailor-made clients – allow you to take journeys that venture beneath the surface of the region.

Unlike the plethora of ‘world specialists’ who purport to know a hundred destinations, we concentrate on the locations we know and love. We don’t source our itineraries from other agents, nor do we run the same tour over and over (thus creating a ‘tourist circuit’, spoiling an untouched region).

Instead, we rarely run any group tour more than a couple of times a year and they are on routes we have discovered for ourselves, meaning we are able to give a truly authentic, off-the-beaten-track experience.


On our escorted tours, we believe it is imperative to keep the group sizes small. All of our trips are limited to a maximum of 12 travellers, thus giving you more access to fragile cultures, better opportunities to interact with local people and the knowledge you are making less of an impact whilst there.


We believe in an honest, upfront pricing structure so you know exactly what the tour will cost before you book. On our group tours we avoid local payments, ‘optional extras’ or forcing our clients to go through the annoying procedure of splitting every meal bill.

Our tours are provided on a predominantly full board basis, with drinking water, government permits, entrance fees and transport all included.


Our office is manned by experienced tour leaders and travel consultants and every trip we run stems from their first-hand knowledge. In short, we run the kind of holidays that we, as passionate travellers, like to do ourselves. When you ring our office, you will be guaranteed to chat to someone who knows the region and the terrain and is able to offer sound and practical advice.
When creating bespoke, tailor-made itineraries our specialist travel consultants will take you though each step of the process, advising you on everything from the most interesting accommodation to advice on tipping.

Our Team

Oyo, financial manager

Bayaraa, North Mongolia logistics and driver

Khandaa, Sales Manager and Tour Guide

Tulga, Head of Operation and Tour Leader

Naraa, Managing Director

Jason Stratham



People who always support and endorse our good work!