Tsaatan Reindeer Tribe Mongolia Tour

    15 Days

    15 days / 14 nights Reindeer Tribe Mongolia-known as Tsaatan-tsaachin; Dukha or Reindeer herders are all meaning same tribe. It said there are 320 reindeer tribe people left in Mongolia (2019), considering Tuva origin living East & West Taiga (thick…

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      Golden Eagle Festival 2020 | Main Festival

      7 Days

      7 days/6 nights tour The annual Golden Eagle Festival takes place before the winter hunting season against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Altai Mountains. We will discover a wealth of natural and cultural treasures that can trace their origins…

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        12 Days

        After initiation of “The Horse Boy”, autistic boy story with ourselves, we have been running this unique, extraordinary tour to Mongolia since 2007.  There were not only autistic families, but those who need to fix their spiritual feelings, problems or…

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