Guaranteed Mongolia Departure Tours 2020

What is a guaranteed departure?

Our guaranteed departure means that there is no minimum number of bookings required on a trip for it to run. So, if you book Nomadic Trails that is a guaranteed departure, you’ll definitely be heading off on the adventure! 

Which trips are guaranteed to depart?

There are some small group adventures are guaranteed to depart with Nomadic Trails. However, if your chosen trip is more than a year away to book, it may not become a guaranteed departure until closer to the time.

You can easily tell which departures are guaranteed by looking for ‘guaranteed departure’ next to your chosen travel date.

Will a guaranteed departure ever be cancelled or changed?

It may, according to some other issues, like the safety of our travellers, or others, we would always contact travellers to let them know of the changes and why they have been made.

Guaranteed departure Tours list

1. Shamanic Spiritual Tour Mongolia 16-29 August 2020

We organize rather smaller group, up to 8 people (normally 6 people) to North Mongolia where there is beautiful scene and strong shamans in 16-29 August. It is “Open & Guaranteed Tours to Mongolia”.

2. Reindeer Herder’s Tribe Tour Mongolia 29 May-11 June 2020

To spend time with these tribes people is truly remarkable and brimming with cultural practices that provide a deep insight into this fascinating way of life. This ” Open & Guaranteed Tour run 29 May to 11 June 2020.

Reindeer Herder's Tour
Reindeer Herder’s Tour

This festival is smaller size than others, by number of participants of Golden Eagle Hunters, about 50-70 of them will take a part of it. Also,  more activities such as horse archery and other games. We are pretty sure, this festival would allow you much more local feeling by walking in the local crowds than a tourists with big cameras. It is open for any travellers during 15-22 September 2020.

 4. Golden Eagle Festival- Main Festival | Gobi Tour is optional

The annual Golden Eagle Festival takes place before the winter hunting season against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Altai Mountains. This authentic Main Golden Eagle Festival Tour runs 01-07 October 2020.

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