Photography Tour Mongolia

With local knowledge of our experienced tour guides, we recommend Golden Eagle Festival and Khovgsol Lake Photography tour to Mongolia. Here are 2 different plans for photography tours

1. Gobi & Khuvsgul Lake

2. Golden Eagle Festival please visit for Photography tour here

On this Gobi & Khuvsgul trip you will be visiting to the most recommended places Lake Khuvsgul and Terkhiin Tsagaan, Hot Spa, legendary ancient capital of Mongols- Khar-Khorin, Orkhon River Valley -one of UNESCO heritage protected places and Famous Gobi. There are different contrasts for this tour

Our experienced tour crew organizes this especial tour by our local knowledge and experiences by; setting up people, animals for photo shooting and more logistics on day plans, finding good spots, places and people and so on.

You will experience fantastic contrasts of Mongolia with us!

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