Nomadic Trails Mongolia is bringing small groups to amazing locations since 2004. Showing our clients staggering scenery and interesting nomadic culture and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them. And it is this ethos that has seen our company grow and our clients return to us again.

These cultural tours mainly focused on exchanging amazing experiences of Nomadic Culture including fascinating Naadam and Golden Eagle festival in Mongolia. In these festivals, we will enjoy horse racing, wrestling, and archery. Adding to this Golden Eagle competition as separate Festival. Also, a local family visit will give you another unforgettable experience!

Offered Tours

Bringing you the finest of Central Asia

    Mongolia Reindeer Herder’s Tribe Tour

    15 Days

    Your visit to the reindeer herding people plays an important role to help them and their culture survive. Although very few travellers venture into this realm, our tourism initiative provides them with a supplemental income and cultural exchange education for…

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