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After initiation of “The Horse Boy”, autistic boy story with ourselves, we have been running this unique, extraordinary tour to Mongolia since 2007.  There were not only autistic families, but those who need to fix their spiritual feelings, problems or cheer up their spirits,  traveled with us & met amazing people in this beautiful country in Mongolia previously. We all love “Wind horse” (equal to Soul) concept in this trip.

We organize rather smaller group, up to 8 people (normally 6 people) to North Mongolia where there is beautiful scene and strong shamans in June & August.

May your “Windhorse” fly high!

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      Camping, Culture, Discovery, Ger Camping, Wildlife
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    Mongolian Spiritual & Shamanic Healing Tour 2019

    So, this journey is,visited by healer and shaman across the wide Steppe, and up into the forests of Siberia. There are possibilities of travelling on this tour either going to north or doing it easier to central part of Mongolia.

    North Mongolia will be opening the door with very different edge of the world with reindeer herders who are so connected to the nature.

    Experience this alternative spiritual holiday to the soul of Mongolia’s culture, visit the Main Temples and explore the nuances of beliefs at shamanic ritual…

    Remarkable journey through untamed landscape of Mongolia, the unexpected, beauty, and extra ordinary advances.

    * This trip is not set up for tourists or made up as show.  It is something unique or different experience you will take for your lifetime! We concentrate on both soul and body healing by visiting beautiful nature, meditating, more body exercise- Yoga, Tai-chi and of course shamanic ritual. Find out more at FAQ section.

    Enjoy recharging your Wind horse!

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.


    •  There are different locations in this itineraries with northern Mongolia, Terelj National Park and Ulaanbaatar city.
    •  Light trekking
    • Good walk at the festival area

    Physical Requirements

    • You must be able to walk 1.5-5 km unassisted and participate in 5 – 8 hours of physical activities each day.
    • You need to provide your medical and physical ability to our booking department
    • Onward travel arrangements will be at the omitted travellers expense.

    Terrain & Transportation

    • Frequent travel in 4×4 Russian or Japanese vehicles over poorly maintained and occasionally nonexistent country roads. There may be no seat belts or simple lap belts
    • During transfers, western style toilet facilities may not be available; however, drivers will make every effort to find suitable rest area stops
    • City travel by air-conditioned vehicle
    • Country travel in Russian or Japanese vans (without air conditioning)
    • 2 internal flights of approx. 3 hours each flight, with luggage restrictions (15kg including hand luggage).

    Flight Information

    Many of our tours run without changes but please be advised that due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances domestic internal flights may not always run to schedule or on time. Your trip leader will keep you informed of any schedule changes as they happen.

    Accommodation & Facilities
    Even there aren’t many option in Northern Mongolia for better hotel we put effort into locating the most appropriate type of accommodation. It will be clean, comfortable, of a high standard and conveniently located where possible. If you would like accommodation for additional nights, we will be happy to arrange this as well. In most of the hotels you may be required to deposit your passport at reception. This is a perfectly normal practice and nothing to be concerned about. Be sure to retrieve it when checking out.

    Hotels in Ulaanbaatar are standard basic, but in many locales, we stay in traditional ger tents, with bath facilities that may or may not be western style as well as shared facilities.

    Occasionally we may stay in a camp where the facilities are in the main lodge.

    There may be some camping where there are no facilities.

    Food and Drinks

    However, there aren’t many choices of restaurants and cafes In provincial capital Murun, North Mongolia, “50/100”- Mongolian, local restaurant is recommended. Restaurant runs cafe  for morning breakfasts.

    We have excellent cooks who makes a fantastic meals including vegetarian.
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    This special trip has designed for autistic family who wanted to heal their 5-year-old son called Rowan in 2007. After exchanging so many e-mails, we started to realize what they wanted to meet. But it wasn’t good enough until we meet the autistic boy in Mongolia very first time. It was more than difficult. Because we never seen autistic person before! Tulga’s son Tomoo had joined the trip made it so positive. The boys were 5 and 6 years only.

    Spiritual Tour Mongolia
    Spiritual Tour 2007 Horse Boy trip

    We traveled shaman to shaman and healer to healer. Endless thought of curing their son was unstoppable. It was like miracles! After shaman healing, visiting beautiful country, riding horses and etc… Son was starting to talk more with crew and parents, smiling, giggling and playing – just like parents wished. Proper toilet training was achieved so successful after tried hard!


    No. It was for Autistic people only to start with and picked up by people who wish to fix some of their spiritual problems come to us repeatedly since 2007.

    So, this spiritual trip for anyone who wish to cheer-up their wind horse (equal to soul), fixing mind power, cleaning or cheer it up plus recharging their energy in Mongolia. There will be 2 options to do this trip. This is here, you join the group or do it privately.


    Depending on weather in Mongolia, summer period considered to be good time to visit. I would say, avoiding tourism peak season is nice idea which are in June and August. We will be travelling more north of Mongolia in the mountain, so August, September will be cooler period compared with July. Off-tourism season is cold or colder here but, some people accept it as advantage. Reward is amazing for those ones, who love cold season no other travellers around you!

    Most certainly, there are 2 shamans to meet and ask questions. Therefore, there is a shamanic ceremony with 1 shaman.

    Please aware of bringing some offerings including candy, cookies, milk and bottle of vodka for shamanic ritual. Please consult with your tour guide or consult with your travel dealer from our Nomadic Trails office please.

    Basically, anywhere you travel there are risks and hazards. Avoiding hazards with your local tour leader reduces the any risks too much more low-level. According to statistic Mongolia is one of the safety destinations in the world. Even we have impressive statistics, please follow your tour leader advice.

    This trip is basically for 2 weeks, if you wish to extend it with Gobi or western Mongolia is still open! There are some distances needed to cover by jeeps and small amount by horses.

    This trip basically designed to use tented camping mainly. 2 man tents and single tents are available. Tented camping based on those sleeping, cooking and restaurant, toilet plus shower tents. If we needed we will put up luggage tents too. After taking a shower you will feel great in the nature! Nothing compares with this feeling ?

    Adding to this we planned to stay in Ger (Nomadic style of dwelling with stove to heat the ger, makes it cozy and comfortable). One night in a Hut styled cottage is another comfy. Staying in the Tee-pee will be one of the top experiences of all too. You wake up with reindeer in the morning! They can come into your tee-pee, nice!

    Bringing your own sleeping bag will be good Idea! Ask your tour leader list of equipment they can offer. Also, see Travel Info section please.


    Mongolian food Mutton and noodles this gone so far away now. Ulaanbaatar city has extended it’s territory and it’s food source too. Bigger the town or city more choice you will see. Good news is vegetarian and Vegans survive these days in Mongolia!

    Beside mutton, beef, chicken, pork and fish can found in Mongolia. All those ingredients will make your journey more tasty and delicious. Bon Appetite!

    Taking a horse riding basic lesson is essential. Some people who never ridden before took this trip and ended up so happy with their riding experiences. It is all about using your basic instinct and follow the instructions of your tour leader. It makes everyone’s life easier and you will start enjoying the horse ride.

    Horse riding hours depend on which month of the year you are coming to visit the region, basically in between 3-8 hour is norm. Of course there are breaks and lunches during your ride. Horses we use, quite and calm used or experienced horses and our guides, cooks and horse guides are all experienced and trained well.

    It would be good to read horse riding tips:

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