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This tour allows you to experience first-hand, by visiting local families and a getting swept up in a fascinating rural version of the Mongolia

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All about the TRULY NOMAD.

Local Golden Eagle Festival 2019

21-22 September 2019 (Actual date for Golden Eagle Festival)-

Among those three Golden Eagle Festivals, this “Nomadic Games” festival is the youngest but enjoyed locally in Altay town (3 000 inhabitants), Mongolia. It will be 3rd year activity, which organized by Nomadic Trails company with collaboration of local Eagle Hunters community, making it as an annual celebration for the future.

This festival is smaller size than others, by number of participants of Golden Eagle Hunters, about 35-40 of them will take a part of it. Also,  more activities such as horse archery and other games. We are pretty sure, this festival would allow you much more local feeling by walking in the local crowds than a tourists with big cameras.

Against all comers it is live tradition- Golden Eagle Festival. just as the winter hinting season is getting underway, golden eagle hunters gather from all over Bayan-Ulgii province (western Mongolia)

This 2 full day event will have following competitions such as

                          Daily Program

20 Sep                                                            21 Sep

09-09:30 Horse Race                                                 10:00 Golden eagle competitions

10:00 Opening ceremony                                        12:00  Horseback Archery

11:00 Golden eagle competitions                           13:00 Lunch

13:00 Lunch                                                               14:00  Kuk Bar

14:00 Golden Eagle Competitions                         14:30 Horse Archery

16:00 Kiz Kuar                                                          15:30  Award giving ceremony


There are competitions:

  1. Calling eagle and landing on arm of the master (called Berkuchi)Golden eagle landing
  2.  Breath taking horse game Master calling the Golden Eagle by galloping his horseCatching6
  3. Calling eagle and landing on dragged bait

Eagle Hunter2

4.Tenge Ilu – equestrian competition of snatching coin from ground


5. Kiz- Kuar- another equestrian competition of girl catches a man on the horse and whip the man, embarrassed by being kissed

KIz Kuar

6. Kuk- Bar- whole goat skin competition. Another equestrian competition, that each horseman picks up goat skin and other horseman try to grab it from him. Whoever gets the skin at the end wins


7. Horse Archery

There is authentic game takes a place in Altay town, Horse Archery. It seems more young people love this amazing competition.

Horse archery

A. Types of Accommodation:

In this tour, we would be using following hotels and ger camps:

1. Ulaanbaatar city:

Khuvsgul Lake Hotel which located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar city, next to Chinggiss Khaan square.

Bayangol hotel, good location near to main square Chinggiss Khaan

Travel info hotel UB


     2.Twin shared Ger Stay

It is locally prepared simple, twin beds and stove placed which make ourselves comfortable in cozy in side. It is one of the unique experienced of tour.  We have one ger is dining, another ger for cooking and sleeping ger of course.

We have long drop seated toilet outside of our ger.

Altay ger camp

3. Terelj National Park- Proper tourist ger camp  It is proper ger camp for tourist with a fixed toilet blocks, restaurants and bar, sleeping ger.

Terelj Lodge

4. Local hotel stay. 

There are some nights we stay in local hotels, which are around 1-2 star, or similar. These hotels are simple, hot showers available.

Travel info local hotels


5. Home Stay

One of our unique experiences, with so many happy clients who stayed with local families. We carefully select families who have more children, women who are willing to share experiences which makes our trip fantastic.

If we stay in a ger with them, we share same space in a ger. If they moved into a small houses we use one of the rooms of them. There will be sleeping mats or beds available. We use locals outside toilet and washing facilities.

Home Stay

home stay2


6.Type of vehicles

There are several types of vehicles can be used in this trip. We use mini buses or buses with 20 seats for City tour and picking up airport. For dirt roads, adventure tours we do need proper 4×4 wheel drive vehicles, such as Russian mini vans and Toyota Land Cruisers

Travel Info Vehicle1



Start: 18-24 Sep 2019

Price: Starting from 1600 USD

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