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Photo Tour to Tsaatan Dukha Reindeer Herders Tribe Mongolia 2020

14 days/13 nights This truly nomadic Tsaatan or Reindeer Tribe people move to different pastures 6 times in a year, and as a participant on this photography workshop, you’ll be part of the horse trek to vehicle support depending on season. You’ll immerse yourself in the Reindeer tribe’s lifestyle and traditions, and you’ll follow the […]

Mongolia Reindeer Herder’s Tribe Tour

15 days / 14 nights Reindeer Tribe Mongolia-known as Tsaatan-tsaachin; Dukha or Reindeer herders are all meaning same tribe. It said there are 320 reindeer tribe people left in Mongolia (2019), considering Tuva origin living East & West Taiga (thick forest with boggy terrain) in Mongolia. These Reindeer tribe people have been freely travelling both […]

Golden Eagle Festival- Altai town | Local Eagle Festival

For those who enjoy more local/smaller festivals with a fewer tourist, just perfect place with more local people. Colourful festival enjoys with full of traditional costumes with Kazakh and Mongolian tribes. This festival has slightly more equine games such as Horse archery, female horse riders competitions. Find out more information. Info@nomadictrails.com

Naadam Festival Mongolia | Cultural Tour | Nomadic Trails

Spectacular scenery and memorable sights, plus the chance to discover Mongolian nomadic culture first-hand, by visiting Naadam Festival. This colorful festival allows you to experience real culture of Mongolia. The Naadam Festival created by military purpose in old days. Ancient kings needed all warriors needed to be trained all the time. They came across an […]

GOLDEN EAGLE FESTIVAL 2020 | Main Festival

7 days/6 nights tour The annual Golden Eagle Festival takes place before the winter hunting season against the dramatic backdrop of the towering Altai Mountains. We will discover a wealth of natural and cultural treasures that can trace their origins back millennia. Welcome to “Golden Eagle Festival Tour”! It is main festival for both Eagle […]

GOLDEN EAGLE FESTIVAL-Tolbo | Smaller festival | Nomadic Trails

Welcome to “Golden Eagle Festival Tour”! It is one of smaller festivals. This trip can be customized for shorter either longer days. Upon your request, we will combine this trip with Gobi or Reindeer tribe or elsewhere in  In every year, just as the winter hunting season is getting underway, golden eagle hunters gather from […]



Horse riding in Mongolia is one of the best ways to Explore Mongolia. Our Central Mongolia – Ride Mongolia horse riding trip offers unique riding experiences.

Having saddled up onto our Mongolian steeds, we will ride off into the mountains and lush green meadows, passing through nomadic Mongolian family encampments where we shall stop and enjoy their local hospitality.


Showing our clients staggering scenery and interesting nomadic culture and to introduce them to the fascinating people that live among them.


On this trip you will be visiting to the most recommended places Lake Khuvsgul and Terkhiin Tsagaan, Hot Spa, legendary ancient capital of Mongols

Spiritual & Shamanic Tour Mongolia | Special Tour | Nomadic Trails

After initiation of “The Horse Boy”, autistic boy story with ourselves, we have been running this unique, extraordinary tour to Mongolia since 2007.  There were not only autistic families, but those who need to fix their spiritual feelings, problems or cheer up their spirits,  traveled with us & met amazing people in this beautiful country […]


This tour allows you to experience whole new activity in Mongolia. Horse riding, archery shooting practices, mounted archery shooting


15 days/14 nights One of our best selling tours “Gobi Dessert and Khuvsgul Lake” is attracted by many of our Singaporean groups and some western clients. In all our 15 days of visiting not only beautiful places all over Mongolia, but experiencing nomadic culture, horses, yaks, camels and of course goat and sheep herding plus […]

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